Kinglifter TKL-S

Kinglifter truck-mounted forklifts are extremely robust. The excellent ratio between the weight of the units and their lifting capacity contributes to a high operational economy. The Kinglifter TKL-S is the most compact model in the Terberg Kinglifter range. It is the perfect choice if you need a compact unit with a low weight. This unit is powerful for its size and available in many versions.

As standard it is fitted with a 26hp Stage V diesel engine and it can be supplied with 1- or 3-wheel drive, a mast with a lifting capacity of 1500kg and a lifting height of 1800mm to 2800mm, fixed or retractable wheel arms, a range of forks and wheels, and many other options.

TKL-S backgorund

If you opt for a 1800mm mast it can be built without a cab, for easier access to narrow and small spaces. The frame, mast, and other steel components receive a cataphoretic primer followed by powder coating.

The panels are made of stainless steel, and the wheel arms which often suffer damage in use are hot-dip galvanised. All models are fitted with work lights, rotating  beacon, parking brake, and power steering.

Why the Terberg Kinglifter is Built to Last

It is important for your company’s image that a truck-mounted forklift retains its good looks. This also comes into play as  far as residual value is concerned. Consequently, Terberg devoted particular attention to optimum anti-corrosion protection.

The frame, the lifting mast, and other steel sections are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating. The body panels are made of stainless steel. The legs, which are always susceptible to damage in use, are hot-dip galvanised. The legs of the 4-way machines are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating.


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