Kinglifter TKL-MC/M

The Kinglifter MC/M is the most versatile model with the widest range of options. The larger distance between the wheels not only increases stability while driving, loading & unloading, but also offers greater operational flexibility as the side shift range is increased. This model is available with either 1- or 3-wheel drive, and has a 25hp Stage V direct injection diesel engine.

The unit has a duplex sliding mast or the patented Terberg duplex roller mast with a lifting capacity of 2000kg or 2500kg & lifting height of 2200mm to 4050mm, fixed or retractable wheel arms, a choice of forks and wheel types, and many other options. The MC and M models differ in width; the M model is 100mm wider than the MC model.


In short, there is always a suitable Terberg Kinglifter MC/M for your application. To project the right corporate image, your truck-mounted forklift needs to continue looking good for a long time. This also increases its residual value. For this reason, Terberg gives special attention to excellent corrosion protection, The frame, mast, and other steel components receive a cataphoretic primer followed by powder coating.

The panels are made of stainless steel. The wheel arms, which always suffer damage during operations, are hot-dip galvanised. The 4-way models have wheel arms with a cataphoretic primer and powder coating. All models are fitted with work lights, rotating beacon, parking brake, power steering, and 180° steering angle.

Model TKL-MC/M areas of application:

  • Agricultural sector
  • Industry
  • Building materials, e.g. transporting wood, steel, insulation materials, window frames, doors, and other long loads
  • Gas industry
  • Recycling



Why the Terberg Kinglifter is Built to Last

It is important for your  company’s image that a truck-mounted forklift retains its good looks. This also comes into play as far as residual value is concerned. Consequently, Terberg devoted particular attention to optimum anti-corrosion protection.

The frame, the lifting mast, and other steel sections are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating.  The body panels are made of stainless steel. The legs, which are always susceptible to damage in use, are hot-dip galvanised. The legs of the 4-way machines are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating.

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