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Les Smith required a fleet of materials handling equipment that meets their own high level of reliability, and their Terberg KingLifter’s have proven to get the job done, every time.

Scope of Work

It’s been a great end to 2019 and productive start for 2020 at family run Les Smith Haulage Ltd, based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Having provided a high quality, personal and professional storage, haulage and distribution service throughout mainland UK for 45 years. They require a fleet of materials handling equipment that meets their own high level of reliability, and their Terberg KingLifter’s have proven to get the job done, every time.

Getting into the heart of why Les Smith purchased their first KingLifter five years ago, and what compels them to stay with Terberg, we asked Tony Smith (Director) to talk through his motivations in more detail:

Did you know the name Terberg before you bought your first KingLifter?

We had known the Terberg name in past experiences but, this was more towards the shunters that we had become familiar with in Regional Distribution Centre’s. The KingLifter part of the Terberg group of companies have become real assets to Les Smith Haulage LTD.

What persuaded you to purchase your first Terberg KingLifter?

As a company, we (Les Smith Haulage Ltd) always try to ensure we run two preferred suppliers in our operation at any time. Whether it’s fuel, truck or trailer suppliers, we spread our reliability to limit any risks. As such, it made sense that we had two suppliers with our mechanical Truck Mounted Forklift fleet as well.

When researching our options in 2015, Terberg KingLifter’s came up on our radar. Their list of features and options made them a perfect fit for our requirements.

What is your main application for the KingLifter?

We use the KingLifter’s to offload our deliveries. The manoeuvrability of the KingLifter’s make them ideal for this in all conditions and situations. We find these machines even replacing Tail Lift deliveries due to the speed of offloading, and where these machines can actually get to.

 How do your drivers find them to operate?

The drivers love the ease of operation, visibility & manoeuvrability. Productivity is important to us, the KingLifter helps keep our offloading time to a minimum, which keeps our deliveries on time, and our customers happy. It’s a bonus that our drivers also enjoy operating the machines that help us achieve this.

Do you find them easy to maintain and service?
The KingLifter’s a reliable machine, and everything is easy to get access to with regard any servicing and repair requirements. They’ve been designed and built with this in mind, it’s a great benefit to help minimise any downtime.

Do they represent good value?

We believe KingLifter’s represent good value to us and our customers. We even have customers specifically request the KingLifter’s for specific roles. They’re reliable and get the job done swiftly, without causing issues.

You recently ordered additional KingLifter’s, what led you to do so?

We’ve successfully used them in our fleet for five years. The reliability, low running costs and driver appeal means KingLifter will always be a consideration for our future purchases.

Would you recommend Terberg KingLifter’s to other companies?
Yes, with the continued reliability and low running costs, we would always recommend KingLifter’s when asked.

The new Terberg KingLifter’s were supplied by Bennie Equipment Ltd, the official UK Distributor.

To purchase, rent or trial a demo machine free of charge, contact Bennie Equipment on:

01536 720444