Kinglifter TKM

The TKM (moving mast) Kinglifter feature 38hp or 44hp Stage V engines, enabling you to unload a truck even more quickly. The higher engine power saves valuable time during unloading. The side-mounted controls make mounting and demounting the forklift to the truck safer and easier. A wireless remote control is available as an option. The easily accessible, progressively sprung seat and high seat position resulting in good visibility make the driver’s work more comfortable and efficient.

The Kinglifter comes with power steering as standard, but depending on your application you are able to opt between 1- or 3- wheel drive, with or without differential lock and with a large choice of wheel sizes front and rear. The is even an option for retractable front legs. For long loads, the option of 4-way steer is available, with optimised power transfer making it easy to handle in tight spaces.


The Kinglifter TKM is a moving mast unit. The duplex roller mast is patented by Terberg and has a lifting capacity of 2000kg or 2500kg and a lifting height of 2400mm to 4050mm. The unit can be fitted with a range of forks and wheels. The moving mast model can be fitted with reachforks or the scissor mast with fixed forks to provide SuperReach functionality.

All models are equipped with work lights, beacon lamp, and parking brake as standard with so many more options available there really is a Terberg Kinglifter TKM to suit your own specific requirements.


Model TKM area of application:

  • Agricultural sector
  • Industry
  • Building materials, e.g. transporting wood, steel, insulation materials, window frames, doors, and other long loads.

The usual Kinglifter options are available to perfectly adapt the machine to your application:

  • 3-wheel drive
  • 4-way side loader
  • Choice of chassis width and mast height
  • Choice of wheel sizes
  • 180° steering angle

There’s a TKM variation to suit any requirements!


Why the Terberg Kinglifter is Built to Last

It is important for your company’s image that a truck-mounted forklift retains its good looks. This also comes into play as far as residual value is concerned. Consequently, Terberg devoted particular attention to optimum anti-corrosion protection.

The frame, lifting mast and other steel sections are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating. The body panels are made of stainless steel. The legs, which are always susceptible to damage in use are hot-dip galvanised. The legs of the 4-way machines are finished with a CDP base layer and powder coating.

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